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About SECG

Dallas - Ft. Worth Admissions Consulting

You may be asking...

What is Admissions Consulting?

We’re a Dallas admissions consulting group. What we do is guide you through the college admissions process. We assist students by visiting campuses, communicating with key personnel, and viewing internet resources to help inform your top decisions for colleges. Along with that, we set out to create educational funding opportunities that meet the needs of both the students and parents. That means no more searching for scholarships, grants, or applying for financial aid alone!

Our Vision

Help students find the “right fit” college based on educational goals, leaning style, and career plans.

Our Mission

Provide transparency for the admissions process and decrease stress through coaching, encouragement, and knowledge.

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A Complete Program and...

A Clear Admissions Timeline

A clear timeline and plan of action are created for each student participating in Summit’s complete program. The search process begins with helping students visualize themselves as a student on campus. We take their learning styles into account as well as their “personality” to help develop a successful program. Our only goal is to prepare students for the next part of an educational journey and set them up for success.

Our founder

Christopher Douglas

With years of experience as a college administrator and classroom instructor, Christopher Douglas utilizes his experiences to provide transparency and insight into the admissions process. Understanding the admissions and scholarship process has been a critical component of his professional life. As a professor in the classroom, he can explain the college environment so program participants can create a plan to navigate a degree or program successfully. Drawing upon this experience and knowledge has assisted students in gaining interest in their top college choices successfully and securing educational funding.

Vanessa Steinkamp

A lifelong classroom educator serving as a College Board consultant, mentor, Advanced Placement grader, and ETS question writer, Vanessa Lal Steinkamp’s career centers in education.  Drawing upon over two decades of work with college-bound students, she parlays her experience assisting students in achieving their college goals while also maximizing scholarship opportunities She understands the rigor, strategy, and necessary skill sets required to succeed in the college admissions process. In her capacity as an AP grader, she learned the criteria for crisp, targeted essay writing increasing pathways to admissions and scholarships.  Students will benefit from assistance in honing college interests, evaluating choices, ascertaining due dates, essay writing to ensure admissions and scholarship success. 

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